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Student Devices

Student learning is at the heart of all we do at Flagler Schools. It is our belief that student learning is enhanced through the integration of technology with a strong curriculum, led by excellent teachers. Technology allows students and teachers to use a “hands on” approach which is relevant to today’s learning. By approving the 1/2 Sales Tax, the community has given Flagler Schools the opportunity to provide our students with digital tools to help actively engage them in learning.

Student Device Distribution

Please visit the Student Device Distribution page to schedule a time to pick up student devices for the 2024–2025 school year.

All families of K–12th grade students are required to complete the Annual Registration form  before a device can be issued each year. Devices are distributed to students at or before the beginning of the school year. If a student arrives after the beginning of the school year, the student may pick up a device in their school's technology office.

Grades K–3

Once the Annual Registration has been completed, a device and charger will be issued to the student during the school day and will remain in the classroom.

Grades 4–12

Once the Annual Registration has been completed, a device and charger will be issued to the student annually. Students may take the device and charger home. It is strongly recommended that the device is charged overnight and that chargers remain at home.

Annual Registration

Student Device Collection

All technology assigned by the school district (such as laptops, tablets, and associated chargers) to students in grades 4–12 must be returned upon graduation or withdrawal from the school district.

Flagler Schools collects devices from all students annually, typically immediately before or after the start of summer break, to ensure that devices are up-to-date and in good working condition for the following school year. Announcements are made several weeks prior to the collection date to give students ample opportunity to complete any unfinished coursework before turning in their device.

Home Wi-Fi

T-Mobile Project 10 Million Program

Through the T-Mobile Project 10 Million Program, we can enable all students access to distance learning by providing free wireless service to connect low-income students who do not have reliable home Internet service. This program is available for any student in grades K–12 who are part of the National School Lunch program. Qualifying students will receive the Wi-Fi Hotspot to use with their student device (limited devices are available). 

  • ‚ÄčArea coverage and available data are based on provider services
  • If you were previously issued a hotspot and lost or did not return it, we will not be able to issue you another device until the device is returned or the replacement fee is paid
  • Previous replacement fees for lost hotspots and charging cables must be paid
  • The student must be eligible for the National School Lunch Program
  • The student must not have access to reliable internet service at home

To apply for a hotspot through the T-Mobile Project 10 Million Program, families should complete the Student WiFi Hotspot Request Form linked below. Students must be signed in to their school Google account to complete the form.

Request hotspot

Technology Usage Fees

The technology usage fee has been waived for the current school year. Any previous outstanding fines will not be waived.


Flagler Schools has partnered with MySchoolBucks to accept technology usage fee payments. The technology department uses this system to inform parents/guardians and students of any outstanding technology fees and charges. Emails will be sent to families who have outstanding balances. Please visit the Payments page for information about creating and managing a MySchoolBucks account.


Families experiencing economic hardship may apply for financial assistance using the Technology Scholarship Eligibility Verification Form. Scholarships are limited and based on available funding. If families are not eligible, they may be referred to additional resources.


Contact Us

Please contact the Technology Department with questions about student devices at 386-437-7526 x1138 or x1136.

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