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Instructional Materials

Flagler Schools’ K–12 curriculum is composed of a wide range of textbooks and other instructional materials. Each school year the district adopts a new curriculum in one major subject area according to the state of Florida's instructional materials adoption cycle. The instructional material adoption process includes opportunities for the public to review materials, provide feedback, and submit requests for the reconsideration of adopted materials.

Instructional Material Adoption

The textbook adoption process includes input from community stakeholders, including teachers and parents. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) adopts course instructional materials for each subject area and school year. More information on state requirements and procedures for instructional materials can be found on the Florida Department of Education website.

Recommended Materials

  • TBD


2023-24 Science Instructional Materials Adoption Timeline

Dates         Process
Oct 16, 2023 NEFEC Instructional Materials Review Fair, K-5
Oct 17, 2023 NEFEC Instructional Materials Review Fair, 6-12
Dec 7-8, 2023 Publisher presentations to the committee
Dec 19, 2023

School Board Workshop - announce 20-day Public Review period begins January

Jan 29, 2024

Public Review Period begins    

Feb 17, 2024 Public Review Period ends
Feb 20, 2024 Public comments will be heard at School Board Meeting
Mar 28, 2024 Science Instructional Materials Review Committee Meeting
at the Government Services Building, Room 3 at 5:30 p.m.

Wait FLDOE approved adoption list

TBD School Board Approval of recommended materials for adoption at School Board Meeting
TBD 30-day period to contest adoption opens
TBD 30-day period to contest adoption closes
TBD Public hearing, if needed, for contested instructional materials; Following public hearing, the School Board will vote on adoption of core material. Decision is final

Challenge to Non-Adopted Instructional Materials

Parents of a student or residents of the county may challenge instructional materials used in classrooms, school library books, or books on reading lists. Challenged materials must meet the following criteria:

Materials that were not subject to the review process during an adoption year including a public notice of a hearing, review, and comment procedures (F.S. 1006.28)

We suggest that prior to submitting a challenge, you schedule a meeting with the principal of the school to gain an understanding of how the material is being used. Please complete the Request for Reconsideration of Materials form to submit a challenge.